Come on in, conservatives; the water’s fine

For whatever reason, this post, A Conservative for Obama, has been getting a lot of traffic recently. Are there still disaffected conservatives out there who haven’t drunk the McPalin kool-aid and are looking for a reason to vote Dem?

Here’s a good place to start: conservative historian–and self-described “Obamacon”–Andrew Bacevich on NPR’s Fresh Air. Among other things, he argues (convincingly, IMO) that the current GOP is anything but conservative if your idea of conservatism includes things like a realistic view of the world, foreign policy prudence, and fiscal sobriety.

2 thoughts on “Come on in, conservatives; the water’s fine

  1. Interviewers keep trying to get Bacevich to talk about his son and he keeps deflecting the questions in such a gracious way. What a great and good man. Not since I first began reading Wendell Berry have I been so impressed with a public figure.

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