A conservative for Obama

Jeffrey Hart, longtime National Review editor and former speechwriter for both Nixon and Reagan, is feeling the Obama magic.

The “conservatives for Obama” phenomenon is interesting. More here and here.

7 thoughts on “A conservative for Obama

  1. I too am feeling this magic Hart speaks of.

    It is high time for Conservatives to reclaim ownership of their principles from politicians who claim to represent conservative values in order to get elected. I consider myself a conservative and want to put down some policy goals that are based on conservative principles (see below link).

    My hope is that others who share these values and goals will realize that people with a conservative point of view should support Obama and Biden because they have demonstrated principles and conviction that offer the best prospects for returning to the traditions of decency, respect, and common purpose that so many of us share regardless of any polital party.

    I would encourage folks to comment and expand on the list:

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  3. Glenn Rush

    IT’S THE CONSTITUTION STUPID!!!! I believe in conservatism with all my heart which leads me to this point. This administration who claims to defend the constitution have spit on it. I’m a combat veteran (Navy Corpsman) who watched my marines 18, 19 years old die in Fallujah, Iraq for a war that wasn’t declared by congress, I’ve seen the president’s power expand to dictatorship levels,and the biggest enlargement of government in history. This is conservatism? Last time I checked conservatism was for small government, the constitution, and freedom. The blinded republicans who scream marxism when Obama talks ”spreading the wealth” have just excepted democratic socialism from Bush’s mouth meanwhile bush has taken our right to privacy and a host of unconstitutional rantings this administration has proposed. Republicanism does not equal conservatism

  4. Bridget

    Good to know there are others out there feeling the incredible hipocrisy of the current Republican mind set. While I have no issues with people practicing religion, I take issue with it being a litmus test for patriotism, conservatism, interpretation of the constitution, and somehow a qualification for office. The guilty by association antics are wearing thin. Who cares if Barack Obama actually talks with people with radical positions? He might gain some helpful insight, plus they are legal citizens in the US who also care about this country and its direction. The assumption that talking with or even befriending others with differing views from you, equates to you supporting all their views is ludicrous. One of the major issues with the Bush administration has been that they failed to get differing opinions and insights. I fear single minded leadership who take their marching orders from the righteous mob more than a thoughtul leader who may pal around with others of differing views. The right has moved so far, that I am beginning to feel left behind.

  5. Louise Richard

    The fact remains that Obama is at best a socialist and possibly a Marxist. His voting record in the Senate is extremely liberal. His association with ACORN, a radical so called community organization which manages to spread largesse among democrats only and registers the dead or Mickey Mouse to vote is unpalatable. Obama sat in the pew of Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years and listened to him spew venom against America, whites, Jews and Italians and claims to have heard none of this. His friendship with the anti-American unrepentant Ayers is more than questionable as is his association with Tony Rezko. His stance toward Israel is more than questionable as there is good evidence of his pro PLO position. His wife is a racist and so is he. The problem is they are anti-white so that does not count.
    I may be a conservative who is not 100% satisfied with the current administration but electing an anti-American, racist radical is not the solution.

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