On Animals: Redemption

Picking back up the thread of David Clough’s On Animals, let’s look at the third part, which deals with animal redemption. Clough’s argument throughout has been that it makes more sense to understand God’s great acts (creation, reconciliation, redemption) as including non-humans than as exclusively concerned with humans. This is no less true of redemption […]

On Animals: reconciliation

In the second part of On Animals (see previous post here), David Clough turns to Christology. While the topic of creation might strike us as the obvious place where the question of animals would arise, it’s less apparent, at first blush, how they fit in to the great themes of Incarnation and Atonement–grouped together by […]

On Animals: creation

As mentioned in my previous post, David Clough’s On Animals is divided into three parts, each focusing on a central Christian doctrinal topic: creation, reconciliation, and redemption. Chapters 1-3, making up the section on creation, collectively make the case that (non-human) animals have an independent value and role in God’s creation. Chapter 1 argues that […]

On the death of a cat

Two poems: On the Death of a Cat By Christina Rossetti Who shall tell the lady’s grief When her Cat was past relief? Who shall number the hot tears Shed o’er her, belov’d for years? Who shall say the dark dismay Which her dying caused that day? Come, ye Muses, one and all, Come obedient […]