The Sword, “Apocryphon”

Baroness, “Take My Bones Away”

Torche, “Snakes Are Charmed”

More from their new (and great) album “Harmonicraft”:

Iron Maiden, “The Duellists”

Prong, “Revenge…Best Served Cold”

From their new album “Carved into Stone,” which is great.

Torche, “Kicking”

Insanely catchy and fun. As is the whole album.

Living Colour, “Leave It Alone”

Vernon Reid, still amazing.

3 Inches of Blood, “Leather Lord”

This song just screams (so to speak) Judas Priest:

From their new album, appropriately titled “Long Live Heavy Metal.”

I saw these guys a few years ago, and they proudly fly the flag of traditional metal. \m/

High on Fire, “Fertile Green”

From the new album out April 3!