The Resurrection is not a bludgeon

If Jesus cannot be accepted as the true revelation of God in his life and teaching, then his resurrection carries no weight. The moral challenge comes first. In his lifetime Jesus had constantly refused to perform supernatural conjuring tricks in order to impress. This still holds good. The resurrection is not there to bludgeon into submission those for whom the Gospel of the sovereignty of God exercised through the absolute and universal law of love is a closed book; for it is a vindication of this sovereignty, and of Jesus as its agent and manifestation. To everyone else it is meaningless and therefore incredible. Appearances to his enemies or to the pagans would thus convey nothing, or, worse still, the wrong thing. Only to those who have already caught the spirit of Jesus’ love will Easter bring true joy, for this joy is precisely that Love reigns at the heart of the universe.

–John Austin Baker, The Foolishness of God, pp. 259-260

One thought on “The Resurrection is not a bludgeon

  1. I like this idea and maybe what he writes about the resurrection is true in a way about the crucifixion too? I once heard someone say Jesus spent only three hours on the cross but three years preaching. The fact that he died for what he believed matters, but what he believed is still the important part – people have been willing to die for some pretty awful things.

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