Good Friday

So let me offer another picture of why Jesus is treated in this manner: because that’s what happens in the world. Each and every day, people suffer torment – sometimes physical, sometimes emotional, and sometimes spiritual. And so God comes in love in order to live not only with us but also as one of us, taking on our lot and our life and experiencing all that we experience so as to understand us and stand with us completely and fully.

In the person of Jesus, therefore, we discover not only that God understands us, not only that God loves us enough to take on our lot and our life, but also that all of this suffering, and even death itself, cannot put an end to God’s love. So that as Jesus is raised on the third day, we have hope that our suffering and even our own deaths will not define us or defeat us but that we, too, will be raised by God’s love.

David Lose, Meditation on Mark 15:16-20

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