Sad news

Philosophy professor Todd Bates, who blogged under the name Anglican Scotist, died suddenly this week from a brain aneurysm. R.I.P.

2 thoughts on “Sad news

  1. Sorry to see people go.

    Interesting blog title. I liked what I saw when I went to the blog. What I read of Duns Scotus in Copleston made me want to read more. Another on the long list of things to read. But the existence of the Kindle probably bumped him up a bit. Hang on! I went to Amazon and looked him up. I downloaded “A Treatise on God as First Principle.” Not sure if that has the Scotus that got me interested, but we’ll see.

    Was this someone you knew outside of blogging?

    I’m sorry for the loss, even if it was solely blogging. But sorrier if you knew him face to face. Any favorite posts you can link to?

  2. I didn’t know him offline, but I always appreciated the logical rigor he brought to debates in the theo-blogosphere, even when I didn’t agree with him.

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