Iowa factory farms try to put the clampdown on free speech

I had blogged previously about efforts by factory farms and their political allies in Iowa to make it illegal to create videos or other evidence of the mistreatment of animals in intensive-farming facilities. But the bill under consideration apparently goes further than that. According to this editorial in the Des Moines Register (via Farm Sanctuary), the bill would also make it illegal to disseminate that evidence–“whether it be a newspaper, or a television station or a website.”

The lengths that the factory-farming industry will go to to shield itself from public view almost make you think it has something to hide.


3 thoughts on “Iowa factory farms try to put the clampdown on free speech

  1. anonymous

    Shame on Iowa. The public has the right to know what’s going on. They should know how animals are treated. If factory farms are not open to the public, then people will be concerned. Instead of making laws to ban showing evidence, Iowa and all other states should enforce open door laws making it mandatory for factory farmers to submit evidence of how the animals are doing.

  2. Elle

    I agree. Bransted should be ashamed of himself -passing a law for the factory farms and ignoring the people he is suppose to be standing up for – what a joke!!

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