Missouri tea party hates puppies

For years, Missouri earned the dubious distinction as the nation’s “puppy mill capital” because its lax humane regulations and enforcement allowed dog breeders to raise puppies at low costs in terrible, overcrowded conditions. Last fall, Missouri voters approved a referendum to finally solve this problem — the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act — which mandates regular veterinarian inspections of breeding facilities and ensures a basic level of treatment for dogs, such keeping temperatures between 45 and 85 degrees. Tea party groups stridently opposed the referendum, arguing it was “just another example of big government meddling in people’s lives.” Now, capitalizing on the big gains they made in November, Republicans in the state legislature are poised to repeal the regulations Missouri’s voters enacted.

More here (via Digby).

There’s a persistent tendency among right-wingers to regard animal-protection laws as “big government” run amok or “nanny statism.” But this only makes sense if animals are nothing more than objects or property that people can do whatever they want with, rather than sentient beings with an interest in not being subjected to cruel or inhumane treatment.


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