Friday links

– The new(ish) blog Women in Theology has been quite active lately, with recent posts on John Milbank and Stanley Hauerwas garnering a lot of discussion.

– Scu at Critical Animal writes on books that have changed the way he thinks. And here’s the post that inspired his post.

– Jeremy recently had a good post on what it means when you pray for healing that doesn’t happen. And here’s the post that inspired his post.

Russell points to this interesting post from Peter Levine, offering a “civic republican” quasi-defense of President Obama’s approach to politics. Russell follows up with some thoughts of his own on localism and communitarianism.

– A post on Lutherans and the “new perspective” on Paul.

Nick Kristof: in comparing the U.S. to banana republics, I may have been unfair…to banana republics.

Post-marriage America?

– Gateways to Geekery: The DC animated universe (I loved the ’90s Batman cartoons).

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