The man show

This is a bit of an easy target, but “Man Church” is at least interesting for what it supposes men want church to be like:

Man Church is church the way a man expects it to be done. No singing, short sermon, time to talk with other guys, no women present, and coffee and donuts. That’s the way men want to do church. The topics of discussion will have a definite manly focus – being the best possible husband, father, employee, leader – being a real man. In fact, every aspect of Man Church is geared for men – not like any other church you have seen. This ain’t your mama’s church!

The idea of “manhood” espoused here is absurdly narrow, consumerist, and America-centric. I can certainly get behind shorter sermons, but no singing? (I like to sing!) Time to talk with other guys? (Um, okaaayy–about what exactly? Sports?) No women present? (!!) Coffee and donuts? (Well, I do like coffee…)

And then there’s the self-help stuff (“being the best possible husband, father, employee, leader…”) without any indication that Christian discipleship might make demands on you that are incompatible with being a “good” husband, father, employee, etc., at least as conventionally defined.

Also, no mention of the sacraments or other things that we feminized Christians typically associate with, you know, worshiping God.

Not only isn’t this your mama’s church, it’s not clear what makes it “church” at all.

(Link from Faith and Theology.)

One thought on “The man show

  1. It meets from 6:30 to 7:30am. In the house I grew up in, the men don’t sleep. They hibernate. It’s the women who are up-and-at-em that early (and fall asleep around 8:30pm). And as you mentioned there’s also the self-help stuff. Self-help is moralistic, which is what I expect out of a nanny, not a dad.

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