Sermon questions left hanging

Today was our first attempt at church-going since the baby was born. We made it about half-way through before she started to fuss, and we’re still skittish enough about our baby-comforting skills that we decided to abscond.

What I did manage to catch from the part of the sermon I heard–it was Trinity Sunday–was a reference to Meister Eckhart and one to Hildegard of Bingen. I wonder where the preacher (a guest preacher) was going with those? And did he ever explain the relevance of the passage from Proverbs we read to the idea of the Trinity? I’m guessing the average parishoner might not make the connection to Wisdom Christology.

One thought on “Sermon questions left hanging

  1. Jeremy

    I remember that worry about taking a baby to church. Looking back on it now, though, Darcy was louder in our minds than she was in reality. Newborn crying really isn’t that loud. At least not to the parent of a four-year-old. 😉

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