Wish you were here

From the (suddenly indispensable) Capital Weather Gang blog:

We are living through some of the most extreme winter weather we’ll ever experience in the metro region this morning. Heavy snow, winds exceeding 40 mph, and true whiteout conditions have paralyzed the entire region and steady snow will continue for a couple more hours or so (longer north and east of the District). Blizzard warnings span northern Virginia, the District and the entire state of Maryland. With the falling snow and wind, temperatures have plummeted into the low 20s with wind chills in the single digits.

Steady, wind-driven snow continues through much of the area though the snow is decreasing in coverage and intensity south of Fairfax County and Loudoun County. As the powerful storm off the Delmarva peninsula lifts northward, the snow will slowly diminish from southwest to northeast this afternoon. But even as the snow tapers off, blowing and drifting snow is possible through the day.

Snowfall totals so far for the storm have generally been from 7-9 inches in the immediate metro area, with some higher amounts to the north and northeast. Though we don’t have an official total for DCA, the snow from this storm is surely bringing its seasonal total close to that of 1898-1899 (54.4″), the snowiest winter on record.


3 thoughts on “Wish you were here

  1. We got buried last year (on the other coast).
    I actually enjoyed it because I got to work from home those days. And they kids had a blast – they don’t usually get snow.

    So I say enjoy it, if you can.

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