Where else can you do a half a million things all at a quarter to three?

Well, not quite half a million things, but my sweetie and I took a whirlwind trip to NYC this weekend to vist friends and managed to pack a fair amount of stuff in.

  • The Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA is really cool. It’s fascinating to see his evolution from alienated kid to Disney hack to someone with his own really unique vision. Also, the props from the Burton Batman movies–which I unfashionably maintain can hold their own against the recent Chris Nolan ones–were nifty to see. The MoMA cafe is also excellent.
  • On Saturday night we ate at this rather shi-shi locavorish restaurant in Brooklyn that was really tasty, if a bit overpriced. I was also introduced to the “Brooklyn,” a slight variation on the Manhattan with rye whisky instead of bourbon. (Though, according to Wikipedia, rye is actually the traditional choice for a Manhattan too.) Either way: yum!
  • The Strand. Oh, the Strand. “Eighteen miles of books” is the tagline. I consider myself a truly dedicated book browser, but even I find the Strand a bit overwhelming. Maybe that had something to do wtih it being really crowded and the fact that I was lugging a heavy backpack. Still, I did pick up a copy of Jean Kazez‘s new book Animlakind, a good chunk of which I read on the train ride home. (And I may blog about it a bit later.)
  • It was really, really cold.

UPDATE: Note to self: dial it back on the use of “really.”


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