Baillie on the problem of the historical Jesus

In light of some of the reading I’ve doing lately on the historical Jesus, I decided to re-visit D.M. Baillie’s God Was In Christ, which was published around the middle of the last century and addressed the then-current controversy about the relationship between the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith. It holds up remarkably well, largely because the basic positions haven’t changed all that much. On the one hand, “liberals” appeal to the Jesus of history against the Christ of ecclesial tradition; on the other, “confessionalists” (we might now add postmodernists, Radical Orthodox, etc.) uphold the tradition of the church against “secular” historicism. Baillie (wisely, in my view) rejects both extremes. Turns out that I wrote a long post on his argument a couple of years ago, which is here if you’re interested.

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