Annals of Lewisania

Saw the movie “An Education” yesterday. A small subplot turns on one of the characters pretending to know C.S. Lewis and forging an autograph on a copy of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Debate ensues about whether he goes by “Clive” or “C.S.” I know that he went by “Jack” with friends and family, and the letters I’ve seen are usually signed “C.S. Lewis,” “C.S.L.,” or “Jack.” Did he ever go by “Clive”?


One thought on “Annals of Lewisania

  1. No, he didn’t. He hated the name, and never responded to it, at least not by the time he was old enough to realize he hated it. Apparently, he told his parents one day when he was perhaps four years old, “I am Jacks!” and wanted to be called by that name from then on. It stuck (though, obviously, it soon became just “Jack.”

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