Non sequitur of the day

Theologian Paul Griffiths has an interesting post about how Christians should think about Muslims, but then ends with this:

I hope, that is, that we Christians will increasingly choose to see Muslims as allies and affines against the deadening and bloody weight of late-capitalist democracy. It would be better, I think, for the Church to live under the constraints and difficulties of an Islamic state, violent and restrictive though these can be (as they are, for instance, in Saudi Arabia), than to return with ever more passion, as it is increasingly doing, the bodysnatching embrace of late-capitalist democracy.

Well, um, okay…are those our only choices?

4 thoughts on “Non sequitur of the day

  1. Clearly a false dichotomy, as you note. But given that dichotomy, I will take the “deadening and bloody weight of late-capitalist democracy” every time. Whenever you hand over your power to someone for a given purpose, the only thing you can know is that you have handed over the power. You have no guarantee that the purpose for which you handed it over will be accomplished.

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