Things I learned today while listening to NPR

Sonia Sotomayor is–get this–the first Hispanic person to be appointed to the Supreme Court! And only the third woman!

Also, Republicans, it seems, are worried that she will rule as a liberal “judicial activist.”

Democrats, on the other hand, insist that she will merely “apply the law” in the most mechanical fashion imaginable and never, ever, ever take into consideration the outcomes or effects it may have. That’s a relief!

2 thoughts on “Things I learned today while listening to NPR

  1. Almost all of life’s important decisions are made in complete ignorance of the material facts, and so are based on apparently irrelevant – but really only much less important – known facts.

    Doctors and hospitals are chosen by proximity, affability, and the avaialability of private rooms and cable TV, for example.

    Howard Dean lost a good shot at the White House because the media portrayed a shout as discreditable.

    And consider the profound ignorance of material facts, often intentionally aggravated by the parties concerned, in which people choose their spouses.

    Sotomayor is lucky they didn’t campaign against her for looking dumpy.

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