Charles Wesley gets his due

It appears that new scholarship is discovering some of the long-forgotten (or even suppressed) differences between Charles Wesley and his more famous brother. One interesting point that comes up in this piece is that C.W. leaned more heavily toward keeping Methodism as a movement within the Church of England.

I suppose it doesn’t mark me out as particularly interesting or original to note that I love Wesley’s hymns.

One thought on “Charles Wesley gets his due

  1. I’m with you all the way on Charles Wesley’s hymns! The differences between Charles and John have been known all along, but it is nice to see them getting some press recently! Also interesting is the rift that developed between John Wesley and Francis Asbury (whom Wesley had designated as the leader of American Methodism). Near the end of Wesley’s life, Asbury said of Wesley, “he is not my superior,” and Wesley said of Asbury, “I have no connexion with him.”

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