Friday metal — the inimitable Axl

I was skeptical of Guns ‘n’ Roses’ ballyhooed Chinese Democracy when it (finally) came out, but the album has grown on me considerably. Say what you will about Axl, you can’t deny his ambition to create a big, sprawling, bombastic, self-indulgent, at times over-produced, rock opera. Flawed though it may be, there are some excellent cuts on CD.

Here’s the video for the title track:

Here’s Chuck Klosterman’s review.

And, what the hey, why not throw in some classic GNR while we’re at it?

“Sweet Child O’ Mine”

“Paradise City”

“Don’t Cry”

“November Rain”


2 thoughts on “Friday metal — the inimitable Axl

  1. Dammit, Lee, you’re stealing my bit! I was all set up to post “Sweet Child O’ Mine” as an upcoming Friday Morning Video. Now I’m going to have to find something else for when I do some hard rock in a week or two. Scorpions, maybe?

    Incidentally, the “Paradise City” link is disabled.

  2. So will it be “Rock You Like a Hurricane” or “Winds of Change”?

    I think I fixed the Paradise City link, but I couldn’t find a clip of “Don’t Cry” without the embed function disabled, darn it.

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