Human uniqueness qualified (if not debunked)

From the New Scientistsix traits found in animals formerly thought to be the sole preserve of human beings.

Really, this is exactly what you would expect if evolutionary theory is right – not sharp breaks between human beings and the rest of the animal kingdom, but differences in degree.

Some Christians still seem very threatened by the idea that there isn’t necessarily a vast difference in kind between us and other animals. I don’t think it’s all that worrying, and I do think we can still speak meaningfully about humans being created in the image of God and having special tasks given to us.

More thoughts on this soon, perhaps.

3 thoughts on “Human uniqueness qualified (if not debunked)

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  2. Reverend Retsel Eniaud Nella, Ph.D

    God is the one and only Creator of All in Existance. If He chose to employ some of the same Laws that govern His Creation, should it be a wonderment that there are one set of Laws Governing His Creation. The similarities would rather substantiate Him, Creator!

    Reverend Retsel Eniaud Nella, Ph.D

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