Note from Berlin

I’m blogging from my pal Patrick’s “flat” (as they say) in Prenzlauer Berg, a rather bohemian (but now rapidly gentrifying) part of old East Berlin. Lots of traipsing around over the last two days, mostly confined to the eastern part of the city so far.

One personal highlight so far was visiting Zion church, where Dietrich Bonhoeffer served as pastor before the Nazis came to power. It’s surprisingly dilapidated now, but also served as a locus for dissidents during the 80s under the GDR.

Wednesday I hope to make a mini-pilgrimage to Wittenberg, during which I will attempt to convert agnostic/cultural Catholic Patrick to the true faith. 😉

Berlin is a fascinating city: what other place can boast so many physical remnants of turbulent 20th century history?

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures upon my return this weekend.

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