The “green consumer” revisited

Via Russell Arben Fox comes a terrific post by Laura McKenna taking a shot at trendy “green consumerism.” Rusell adds his thoughts here. I blogged a bit about this phenomenon here.

It’s interesting (and maybe significant) how much conventional political wisdom is frequently at odds with common-sense (and traditional) wisdom. For instance: the idea that we can buy our way out of problems, whether that be “green” consumerism or economic “stimulus.” We’re familiar by now with the idea that private vice may become public virtue (thank you, Adam Smith), but one has the hunch that it’s just not sustainable.

One thought on “The “green consumer” revisited

  1. Thanks for the link to my and Laura’s article, Lee. I remember reading that post of yours–what, six months ago or so? Not that I think any blog post that you or I (or Laura, even) puts up is going to lead to a change of consciousness overnight, but still, it’s just remarkable how the machinery of need-creation and merchandising can roll on without disruption, even as the whole economic world (oil prices, mortgages, etc.) shakes under one’s feet. Global warmings just another problem, the solution to which just needs to be made attractive to New York yuppies, right?

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