A humane life

There’s a nice article in Newsweek by Wayne Pacelle, the current CEO of the Humane Society of the US about how he got into activism on behalf of animals.

The HSUS has recently ramped up its efforts on behalf of farm animals, such as promoting ballot measures that would mandate slightly more humane conditions for animals raised for food.

Some critics, awash in industry cash, accuse the HSUS of departing from its core mission of looking out for puppies and kittens. But, of course, if you’re concerned about animal well-being you can’t consistently ignore the plight of the literally billions of animals raised and killed for food every year. The dread specter of “giving animals the same rights of humans” seems less sinister when the right in question is the right not to be confined for the majority of your life to a crate that makes it impossible to turn around.

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