How much of a planet-wrecking consumerist are you?

Find out with this fun quiz a friend of mine sent me.

My score was 2.5, which means it would take 2.5 earths to support everyone in the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed.

I scored the worst on food (6 earths!), which I think may have something to do with the superhuman amounts of coffee I consume.

One thought on “How much of a planet-wrecking consumerist are you?

  1. I love that quiz. I heard about it on NPR this weekend. The host needed 10 earths.

    I need 3.5 earths, which I thought was pretty good relative to my expectations. I don’t drink coffee at all and I needed six earths for my food, but I guess being a meat eater hurts me there. I also needed six for my shopping. I have a terrible habit of buying new things when old things start to show wear.

    I tried the “improve your score” option, and making the most drastic changes I can see myself making I couldn’t get below 2 earths. The options to get the government to make policy changes make a bigger difference than riding a bike to work. I guess that should be surprising.

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