Random weekend culture notes

On Friday we went with some friends to see The Decemberists at the Avalon, a club near Fenway park. Fantastic! The theatricality of their music comes out even more on stage. I’m not generally a fan of “indie rock” as a genre (not sure the Decemberists even fit into that category), but these guys are really good and fun.

Also saw Casino Royale this weekend. Meh. I guess, despite my best efforts, I’ve never been able to become a real fan of the Bond series. The character has always struck me as fundamentally uninteresting. CR was certainly far better than most of the recent Bond movies, but still not as good, qua spy thriller, as something like, say, The Bourne Identity. Took itself a bit too seriously too.

Oh, and speaking of indie rockers – Arcade Fire, what’s up with these guys? I’ve only listened to a few songs, but what I get is fairly well-crafted Springsteen-esque pop. OK, but nothing to justify the preposterous amount of hype surrounding this band. Can anyone ‘splain this to me?

4 thoughts on “Random weekend culture notes

  1. I don’t know if I can explain The Arcade Fire, but I think they are completely hot. Neon Bible is permanently in my car these days. And I turn it up for tracks 4 and 8. Every song is a melancholy party–usually so many vocals. And I love the commodification of religion stuff that they put on center stage.

    My recommendation: buy the album (it was pretty cheap) and listen to it through a couple times.

    Then read some interviews. Popmatters.com has a great one (they even reveal some knowledge of Christian theology–like the via negativa).

  2. I think they are overhyped as well, but I enjoyed their last album, I haven’t heard the new one. I think they have a lot of potential.

    Speaking of hype, I purchased the Silversun Pickups album and Amy Winehouse’s album recently and they’re both really really good. SP are indie rock so I dunno if you’d dig them as much as I did. But Winehouse, what an incredible voice, band and songs, the whole friggin package.

  3. Dan

    I am in agreement with the over-hype of The Arcade Fire, but still quality stuff. I have listened a bit to the new Modest Mouse album, which you might like. A bit more up-tempo than the Decemberists though.

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