The year in book blogging

Inspired by a post from Elliot, I thought it might be neat to collect in one post the year’s book blogging here at VI.


Keith Ward, What the Bible Really Teaches (here, here and here)

Rowan Greer, Christian Hope and Christian Life (here and here)

Thomas Nagel, The Last Word (here and here)


Austin Farrer, The Glass of Vision (here)

Oswald Bayer, Living By Faith (here)


No book blogging!


Rod Dreher, Crunchy Cons (here)

Gerald O’Collins, The Tripersonal God (here)


Anders Nygren, The Essence of Christianity (here)

Andrew Linzey, Animal Theology (here)


Noam Chomsky, Hegemony or Survival (here)

Paul Fiddes, Past Event and Present Salvation (here, here, and here)


Stephen Finlan, Problems with Atonement (here)

Bill Kauffman, Look Homeward, America (here)


John MacQuarrie, Mary for all Christians (here, here, and here)

Keith Ward, Pascal’s Fire (here, here, here, here, here, here, and herewhew!)

David B. Hart, The Doors of the Sea (here)


Keith Ward, Religion and Human Nature (here)


Ward, Religion and Human Nature, continued (here)

C.W. McPherson, Grace at This Time (here)


Jon Sweeney, St. Francis Prayer Book (here)

Henry Chadwick, History of the Early Church (here and here)

Andrew Linzey and Richard Kirker (eds.), Gays and the Future of Anglicanism (here)


Stephen R.L. Clark, The Political Animal (here)

That’s no small amount of book blogging! Keith Ward clearly comes out as the most-blogged-about author this year at VI. Also, an impartial observer might point out that it wouldn’t hurt me to read more fiction.

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