New JoC

One of the benefits of being a snotty atheist as a teenager was that I had very little exposure to the world of Contemporary Christian Music. I couldn’t help but feel bad for a Christian friend of mine who listened almost exclusively to bad Christian knock-offs of secular bands. Although my older sister, who is a charismatic of sorts, once took me, with the best of intentions I’m sure, to a Petra concert. I think she thought I would like them because they were supposed to be “hard rock.” As a sign of Nietzschean rebellion I wore a Metallica t-shirt.

Anyway, in recent years I have come to appreciate certain Christian artists. In particular I’ve become a fan of Jars of Clay, who I see are streaming some tracks from their forthcoming album, Good Monsters, which is to be released on September 5th. Their last two albums Who We Are Instead and Redemption Songs were very good, so I have high hopes.

3 thoughts on “New JoC

  1. The young fogey

    I remember JoC from about 10 years ago and liking them, an exception to the ‘Pious Riot’ paradigm of sucky Christian pop. Didn’t they make a cool video in Prague with some great Catholic imagery?

  2. Joshie

    I know I shouldn’t be anymore, but I’m still leery of Christian Contemporary Music. Being forcefed Carmen, Steven Curtis Chapman and the ten bazillion incarnations of DC Talk has scarred me for life.

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